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By rmsutilitie42632594, Feb 7 2020 07:36PM

RMS Utilities, Inc. is excited to announce its plans for expansion! RMS Utilities crews are working hard at expanding the offices and shops at its home base here in Alamosa, Colorado. RMS Utilities was started in 1986 by Bryan Malouff. RMS has grown from a one-individual crew into a company of over 30 individuals. As the work expands, so does the office work! RMS Utilities, Inc. crews are very excited to have a bigger operating space. If you have any questions or concerns about our expansion, please stop by our office or give us a call at 719-589-4263.

By rmsutilitie42632594, Apr 23 2018 05:41PM

RMS Utilities Inc. has been excited to start a new project West of Colorado Springs located along Cascade Boulevard. Crews are working on site from sun up to sun down, Mondays through Thursdays. We would like to take a moment to thank all community members of Colorado Springs for working with us along this project to help maintain safety; safety is and always will be our number one priority. We hope with the cooperation of the community to get this project done in a timely manner. For any questions or concerns feel free to give us a call at 719-589-4263 or drop by our office located in Alamosa, Colorado.

By rmsutilitie42632594, Dec 19 2017 09:25PM

As we reflect on the year of 2017, RMS Utilities Inc. is thankful for the many opportunities and moments that have arisen. We are grateful for a number of different aspects including great construction crews, hardworking foremen, a fun-loving office staff and a generous boss.

RMS Utilities Inc. was established by Bryan Malouff and has thrived due to his constant hard work! Bryan has built his company with a high expectation of the projects that are in place, living by the quote “Service with a Smile!” RMS Utilities has been built as a family owned business; RMS crews are expected to work hard during the day so that they can go home and enjoy the evening with their families.

RMS Utilities has had a wonderful addition of Neff Malouff a young Engineer in Training (EIT) who works day and night for many different parts of RMS Utilities Inc. Neff has been focusing mainly on a project located up in Crestone, Colorado at the Division of Wildlife, replacing Culverts. Neff also is working with the help of 'Summit Engineering' on designing septic’s. We are excited to see what Neff has to offer in the future of RMS Utilities.

This year we also said "Good Bye!" to one of our amazing office staff, Marilyn Anderson. Marilyn has worked at RMS Utilities for 6 years and has filled the office with many baked goods, loving hugs and warm laughs. Marilyn has decided to retire from the hard working construction office to enjoy some of her favorite hobbies including: sewing and baking. She will be greatly missed.

RMS Utilities Inc. has worked on many different jobs this past year and we have been so blessed to have such hard working men and great wives who support our little company. Some of our jobs (also located on the project page) have included: septic installation, culvert replacements, sewer system improvements, waste water treatment plants, pumping septic tanks, working on the SLV Health project, and many other local town projects. We of course could not have finished this without the hard work of the office staff and the boss.

We look forward to see what 2018 has in hold for RMS Utilities Inc. and its families.

By rmsutilitie42632594, May 15 2017 04:39PM

RMS Utilities has had the wonderful opportunity throughout this year to work in Pueblo, Colorado.We have a crew working constantly throughout the week. We are greatful to have such a hard working crew considering they are working away from their families 4-5 days a week. Here is a small preview of the wonderful work our crew has done.

"Service with a Smile"

By rmsutilitie42632594, May 15 2017 04:30PM

Spring is in the air! Starting your garden can be tough. Come to RMS Utilities Inc. and we'll try to make things a little easier with our high quality Topsoil. Topsoil can be used in your flower garden, vegetable garden, and even for starting a lawn. Topsoil contains minerals and many composted material that results in a nutritious environment for plants and trees. Call RMS Utilities for your Topsoil needs and for current pricing.

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